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Transfers are images that are screen printed onto a special paper that will release the ink (and only the ink) under heat and pressure.  A good transfer will last as long as a good direct screen print.  A transfered graphic usually is a little softer than a direct screen print graphic because of the way it is applied.  Transfers are typically used for the following reasons:
  • When buying uniforms for a team, there are often times when new players join the team after the uniforms are printed.  A few extra transfers can be ordered and saved until needed, allowing the new players to have similarly decorated uniforms.  Spread the cost of the extra transfers across the current players and put the additional money from the new players into a beer fund!
  • Transfers are charged by the sheet.  Depending on the size of the graphic we may be able to print several logos on one sheet lowering the price per print.
  • Some people like the feel better than direct screen print.
Transfers cost are determined by the number of colors and the number of transfer sheets that are printed.   The artwork that is to be printed must be in a "simple" vector format.  If you do not have this format, we can convert it for a nominal charge.    There a several considerations in determining the cost of a transfer.  Send us your graphic and we will be happy to give you a quote.

There are also inkjet tranfer options.  We don't like to do them because the graphic fades in the first wash and, unless the image is rectangular, there will be a border around the image.  But, they are quick and easy and may be the best option for something that is needed fast and quality is not a major issue.  The artwork can be almost any format.  However, the better the resolution, the better the transfer image will be.  Note that small or low resolution (non-vector) images will be grainy.  The cost for these is $10 each.