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Sublimation imprints a full color image using a dye.  The image becomes a part of the fabric and lasts as long as the fabric lasts.  Sublimation is only used with performance fabrics (polyester) or items coated with a polyester resin.  Sublimation works best on white.  With other colors, the dyes may bleed into the image that is being applied and change the colors by mixing with them. 

Note that performance garments (like UnderArmor) are made to wick (pull the moisture off your skin and dry quickly).  Sublimation does not affect the wicking properties.  Any other type of decoration--screen print, transfer, film, etc.--seals the fabric where the image is applied preventing the fabric from performing. 

There are several options for sublimation:
  • Print up to a 9" x 15" full color graphic $10 per image (print only).
  • Print with full color the entire side of a quality performance tee (this can make the shirt any color you want) $29 (1-6, 1 side), $23 (7+, 1 side), $39 (1-6, 2 sides), $33 (7+, 2 sides).  Note that this process may leave some print imperfections in the seams.
  • Print, cut and sew.  The fabric is printed then the parts are cut from that fabric and then they are stitched together.  A truly professional result.  This is how many professional athletic uniforms are produced.  For example: a custom soccer jersey is about $60 and coordinating shorts are $50.